Sad Songs Acoustic Video

Our friends at Glamour Kills shot a video of John and Jared performing Sad Songs as a part of their acoustic sessions this summer at Warped Tour.

Check out the video and let us know what you think!

You can also grab our collab denim vest exclusively through Glamour Kills here.

Warped tour bonus update!

I found some extra footage that Dirk had shot on Wapre tour and decided to put together a little bonus video. Hope you enjoy!



What a summer it has been.

what a summer it has been.

shit, what the past seven summers have been.

but for some reason this one was special.

i can honestly say something inside of me has changed due to amazing folks i met on the warped tour and their infectious auras.

there is a red energy building within my being and it’s warm and it’s positive and it’s fucking beyond stoked to be alive.

i’m hearing, seeing, tasting everything differently now.

with an unfiltered, unprejudiced, and light heart i am saying thank you for allowing me to create art and express myself however i see necessary.

even at my worst you’ve been there and i can only hope that part of me is with you at both your highest highs and lowest lows.

i am not here to preach but to simply thank you.

you may not consciously know it, but you have made me aware of how lucky i am to breathe and be alive and share my feelings with you through song.

the future has me more than excited, but the now is where we are and all we have so i’ve challenged myself to make the most of this while i still have it.

i promise i will do my damnedest to not let you down.

that being said, we teamed up with daniel gomes once more to create a music video for one of my favorite tunes on forever halloween…RUN.

once more,

thank you from the depths of my being.





Warped Tour Blogs

The band has been blogging all summer long through written tour blogs hosted by D-Tox! Read up on some of the summer’s highlights from the tour and check out the exclusive photos over on the D-Tox site!








Week ONE

Week TWO




Week SIX

Farewell, Forever Halloween

On June 4th 2013, we released our fourth studio album, Forever Halloween. For the past few years we have released our records independently but the truth is, we have released these records in a way that is far from independent.
These records would not be possible without each and every one of you. We cannot thank you enough for helping us grow and release our art on our own terms. You are all a part of this and we won’t ever forget that.
This November, we will be heading out into the desert to write and record our fifth studio album. With a new record around the corner, we felt like we should say a proper farewell to Forever Halloween.
We will be playing 4 headlining shows in Los Angeles, Boston, New York, and Chicago.
Tickets will go on sale tomorrow at 12 PM local time.
These will be officially our last US shows prior to the release of our new album in 2015.
Thank you for being a part of this journey.


AltPress: A Day In The Life Of A Frontman!


AltPress hung out with John at Warped Tour – click the image below to watch the new episode of A Day In Life Of A Frontman.


Rdio Session

Last fall, we stopped in at Faultline Studios in San Francisco to record a live session for our friends over at Rdio. We’re really excited that the session has officially been released today!

Check out the track listing below and head over to Rdio for an exclusive listen. Hope you guys enjoy!

Love, The Maine

Check out the session HERE



1. Kennedy Curse

2. Run

3. F*cked Up Kids

4. Waiting For My Sun To Shine