Hope For The Day New Documentary – Summer Of Hope

This past summer, we teamed up with Hope For The Day on Warped Tour to help bring awareness about the alarming rates of suicide. Today they released a brand new documentary called “Summer Of Hope” that we were honored to be apart of.



Check it out and know that you are not alone.

Behind the scenes “An Acoustic Evening With The Maine…” in NYC!

“An Acoustic Evening with The Maine…” live in NYC. Get a behind the scenes look at what went into our acoustic tour.

Video by JRVFilms

You can purchase the “An Acoustic Evening With The Maine…” concert movie at http://themaine.81twentythree.com/


The-Maine_1-updatedRain, rain, come my way.

Sitting in the sweltering 100 plus degree heat (32 plus for you centigraders) I can’t express how excited I am for the overcast skies and dependable rain showers the United Kingdom has in store for us in a few weeks.

If memory serves me correctly, I believe this will be our modest little band’s ninth time jumping the large pond and playing music for the pretty English people. My stoke is high to begin with, but is amplified by the fact that we are making the journey with great mates (English slang for “friends”) in fellow Arizona natives Lydia, and the only cowboy from Massachusetts Nick Santino. Seeing as our whole crew is a part of the 8123 family and given how great of a time it has been all over the world, it only seemed right we brought the 8123 tour to foggy UKland.

Shit will be hot. So work a few days, save some scratch, round up your friends and come drink a beer while you watch dudes play tunes in a live setting. In the words of Ghandi, “let’s party.”

Cheers (slang for…fuck I think it’s versatile like “aloha” or something),

- Johno & The Maine


Tickets on sale now at www.gigsandtours.com





The Maine will be live streaming from their YouTube channel (youtube.com/officialthemaine) tomorrow, September 10th, at 7pm BST (11am PST).

Come ask questions about the upcoming 8123 UK Tour, request songs for the tour’s set list, or just hang out!


Into Your Arms(Live/acoustic)

“Into Your Arms” live from the “An Acoustic Evening With The Maine” you can order the full concert movie at http://themaine.81twentythree.com/ for only $5.99